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Vacuum sealing your food and pantry items

Vacuum sealing your food and pantry items

Feb 05, 2022

Preparing your food to maximise your power source. No need to freeze your food if going away for a week, instead, why not vacuum seal your food in portion sizes.

Your can vacuum coffee beans, to cheese, smallgoods, meat, seafood. Why not chop your vegetables/fruit in to pouches and vacuum seal into portion sizes. Vacuum sealing bread slices helps to keep the bread soft and fresh longer.

By sealing your foods and condiments, you ensure utilisation of space in your fridge, bags do not clump together, and it is beneficial for the fridge as it allows a smooth airflow through the cabinet. When using a freezer bag, it clumps up and therefore forces the compressor to work harder to cool the clump of mass, and then you have the issue of the freezer bags tearing and food with freezer burn. 

The Black Rhinox Vacuum Pouches are ideal for items you want to regular access and seal bag. Such as coffee beans, sugar, small goods. The bags are BPA free and simply garb the small rechargeable hand held vacuum pump – and place on one way valve to remove excess air. This mini pump when charged can seal upto 70 bags before recharging required. 

Or try our EXTREME™ Vacuum sealer, that can easily vacuum liquid! Great for preparing your meals before your next trip to portion sizes. Simply boil the pouches into a pot and snip a corner, pour into your bowl.  Meal done.