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Portable fridge for your next trip

Portable fridge for your next trip

Jan 05, 2022

Whether going away for a few days or a few weeks. Preparation ensures your food is protected and now wastage.

Before any trip, you need to test your equipment to ensure no unexpected issues. We recommend you test your portable fridge to ensure no issues with wiring, or battery. 

You will be surprised something so basic can ruin your holiday. Most common issue with portable fridge’s is ERROR 1, which all portable fridges refer to the DC voltage not high enough to keep the fridge running. It could be the 12V cable dropping out, the battery too low, or the wiring through your vehicle. You will be surprised many times it is the later on basic vehicles.  

Before your next trip, we suggest you plug in your fridge to a 240V source a few days earlier, and set your fridge to atleast -2 or cooler.  By pre-cooling your fridge, you prevent pushing your battery output to max. We suggest precooling any drinks you wish to take along as these take the longest to get cool. Now when you head off on your trip, the fridge is already cool and now just needs to maintain the temperature, thus taking the pressure of your batteries.

Remember if you are heading out for a few days, no need to set the fridge to -18. Try -10 and monitor and adjust if freezing required.