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Can the fridge run on 240V and 12V at the same time? 

The fridge can only have one power source connected at all times. Either 12V or 240V.

My fridge temperature moves up and down by a few degrees.

The fridge powers the compressor to allow for minimum power usage when running which can result in the temperature varying by up to 3 degrees + or-. This is perfectly fine.

No power to the fridge

Check the cables and ensure they are not damaged 

Check the fuse has not blown, click here to watch the video on how to change the fuse. You would have been supplied with a few spare fuse. If a fuse has blown, you need to check the cabling as it has had a power surge – which has blown the fuse. It may happen again if the source of the power is not corrected.

Do I need to ventilate the fridge?

Like anything that is using power, we need to allow airflow. Allow around 5 to 8cm of ventilation to allow for fresh air to flow into the fridge and allow for efficient operation. Do not block vents on fridge.

Working on 240V but NOT 12V

If the fridge is working on 240V but has an error when powered by 12V. you need to check the power source, as the fridge is not getting enough power. Change the battery setting to low, and select ECO, and if this does not correct the problem, you will need to your battery.


DC voltage to the fridge isn't high enough to keep the fridge running.

Cause: Either Battery flat or wiring issue between your battery and fridge:

  • - Amend the battery protection level to LOW “_” (single bar) and compressor ECO mode.
  • - Check the power source as the compressor shuts off as it has detected low or no power.
  • - If connecting directly to a battery. Test 12V by connecting the fridge directly to your car 12V outlet.  If it works using the vehicles 12V adapter, then the portable battery is the issue.
  • - If it is still showing ERROR 1, grab your 240V cable and test it against a 240V power source.
  • - If it works on 240V source, then get a meter reader and check the voltage output of your battery itself. Then grab the fridge 12V, plug into your vehicle and test the plug point with your multi meter. There should be no difference between the direct battery voltage and the read out from the cable of the fridge.
  • - If when testing the cable on its own against the vehicle 12V, you find there is a drop in voltage, then the cable could be faulty.
  • - If you are not using our 12V cable, or are using a long 12V cable, it could be faulty or too long and dropping power. Try another cable.
  • - Check you do not have it set to F instead of C.
  • - If this persists – please contact

For all other enquiries and service issues, please email us at or Protel on 1800 789 4435. AEST M-F 8am -8pm